Ribeira Grande to Maia - Half day tour

Get to know the historical centre of Ribeira Grande as well as other interesting features on the central north shore of the island.


Duration: 4 hours

Difficulty: Medium

Group: 1-8 persons

Prices: 125€ (1 person) to 160€ (8 people)

Meals not included in the price. Please consult for meal options.

This half day tour of the center/ north of the island brings you to the historical center of Ribeira Grande, Santa Iria, Praia dos Moínhos, Porto Formoso Tea factory, Maia and Praia da Viola through a coastal hiking trail.


Get to know the beautiful historical center of Ribeira Grande.

In the historic center of Ribeira Grande are some important buildings, such as two beautiful churches, but also residential buildings with shops on the ground floor, of simple beauty as is common in the Azores.
Ribeira Grande is no exception to this Portuguese architecture that is spread both on the mainland and around the world that was Portuguese, but here it has gained its own characteristics with the dark and volcanic stone.

  • Visit the Municipal Palace/Hall of Ribeira Grande
  • The Ponte de Oito Arcos
  • The  Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Estrela


The island of S. Miguel has, along its northern coast, the only two tea plantations in Europe for industrial purposes.

The Porto Formoso Tea Factory is one of them, combining the production component with another, aimed at preserving the memories of the tea making since its first steps in the Azorean islands in the last quarter of the 19th century.

  • Afterwards, try the teas in the beautiful room to reconstitute typical Micaelense cuisine
  • Visit the terrace with a magnificent view over the tea plantations and the village of Porto Formoso.
  • Every year in the spring, here you can enjoy a tea party with typical old fashion clothes.


Praia da Viola is a small beach of coarse sand.

It is flanked by a cliff from which sprout several water springs. It is located in the parish of Lomba da Maia.
Next to the beach, at the mouth of the river, it is possible to observe a small waterfall, ex-libris of the place and the parish. It provides pleasant moments of pleasure, especially for those who like to be in contact with nature in a quiet, quiet and pleasant place.

  • Praia da Viola is an integral part of the pedestrian trail that starts in Porto Novo
  • Along the trail you will cross with the old waterfalls of Nateiro that moved by the water turned wheat and corn into flour.
  • Near the beach there are some ruins of Viola water mills.


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